ALH high pressure industrial hose pump, peristaltic hose pump.

Pompes péristaltiques Albin PumpALH, High Pressure Hose Pump

The ALH Series is built for High-Pressure applications up to 15 Bars. The shoe design allows for a robust product range along with demanding applications that require ease of maintenance, perfect volumetric flow, and can handle thin to thick liquid with solids. The ALH Series is our flagship of pumps with 16 different sizes ranging from 0.1 -70 m3/h.

ALX high volume peristaltic hose pump, industrial hose pump.

Pompes péristaltiques Albin PumpALX 150, High Volume Hose Pump

After years of development the ALX150 was introduced for applications ranging from; sea tanker overloading, to high solids thickener underflow slurry transfer, where fast reliable offloading is key to process profitability. Our pump uses soft action rotating rollers to compress the hose instead of hard fixed shoes.

Low pressure hose pump ALP, peristaltic hose pump.

Pompes péristaltiques Albin PumpALP, Low Pressure Peristaltic Pump

Suitable for pumping and dosing low or high viscous, pasty, pure, neutral, aggressive or abrasive liquids, those containing gases or which tend to froth. Good for those containing solids in the following industries: paint, dairy, and beverage, meat and fish processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, wastewater water treatment, and more!

Albin Pump industrial pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, peristaltic hose pumps.

Pompes péristaltiques Albin PumpAD, Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

Albin Pump has developed and patented a revolutionary AODD pump. Compared to traditional AODD pumps, the AD pump offers 70% lower pulsation, a reduction in energy consumption of up to 45%, noise reduction, three to five times longer operation time between service intervals and an increase in diaphragm lifetime by up to five times. The AD pump is available in 4 sizes with a flow rate from 0-130 L/min



Ingersoll Rand acquires Albin Pump SAS

Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE: IR), a global provider of mission-critical flow creation and industrial solutions, completed the acquisition of Albin Pump SAS (Albin) headquartered in Montelimar, France.

Water treatment and wipes

ALBIN PUMP peristaltic technology is THE solution to remedy the problem of water treatment during COVID 19.

ALBIN PUMP is getting organized against Coronavirus

Homework, production, logistics… Albin Pump is organizing itself against the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Albin pump map, peristaltic hoses, industrial hose pump.

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